By Kavya Gupta, Fellow

October 30, 2022

“Life rearranges itself to compensate for your loss, sometimes wonderfully.” Hanya Yanagihara

Despite being one of GRC’s youngest recruits of the Fall 2022 semester, freshman Sophia Wang appears confident, bright, and determined to anyone who meets her — and rightly so. Sophia pursues her passions for international human rights, trade law, and nonprofit consulting through her major in Political Economy and now as a consultant in GRC. 

Although she calls Irvine, CA her hometown, Sophia has spent time growing up in Taipei, Taichung, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. Since Sophia’s childhood, she has become an accomplished polyglot, having learned 5 different languages! For anyone curious, Sophia speaks Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Latin, and Russian. In fact, Sophia will be heading to Latvia this winter to further her Russian studies.

Sophia came to UC Berkeley eager to learn more about business administration and advocacy — but found that her favorite part about the school is the people. “Everyone is so ambitious, welcoming, and hard working,” Sophia said. “It is super nice to be surrounded by people who care about what they are doing.” Sophia is no stranger to the campus’s beloved Campanile; in fact, her favorite activity is to watch the sun set over the Golden Gate from the top of the tower. In Sophia’s free time, however, she loves exploring the countless cafes, restaurants, and other eateries Berkeley has to offer. Her explorations have yielded herbal jelly as her favorite food and Peet’s Cold Brew Oat Latte as her recommendation for any coffee aficionados.

To her friends and coworkers, Sophia is a natural leader — though you’ll never hear it from her! While being unbelievably kind and humble, Sophia does not hesitate to step up to the plate when the situation calls for it. “The moment I met Sophia I knew she was a really sweet and driven person. Especially after being on her project team and her big, I realize she’s just always making everyone smile and is so easy to talk to!” said Adya Agarwal, GRC Head of Recruitment & DEI, consultant, and Sophia’s big. Her ability to take charge of a situation turns her into an inspiration to all who know her. 

However, behind Sophia’s suave, collected personality sits her true self: a crime documentary junkie and an avid reader of what she calls “sob-worthy books.” Among her favorite true crime podcasts sit Crime Junkie and Rotten Mango, while The Song of Achilles and Norwegian Wood count towards her passion for melancholy reads. At the same time. Sophia’s appreciation for the finer things in life is apparent from her interest in visiting art museums. With an impeccable taste in fashion and a clear excitement for life, Sophia brings a youthful energy with her wherever she goes.

In the future, Sophia wants to work either as a consultant or a lawyer. “She’s also very articulate, always comes with great ideas, and always contributes so much to the team. I’m so glad I get to call her my little!” Adya said. With her analytical approach to problem-solving, Sophia will be an amazing addition to any field she chooses to pursue.



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