By Diya Jain, Fellow
Updated March 18, 2024

When I think powerful, involved, and passionate, I think Sarah Goody. A first year and new
consultant at GRC, Sarah is a Legal Studies major who is currently working on our First Mode
project. Sarah has been doing climate advocacy work since she was 12-years-old, so she’s been
especially excited about getting to work in the space of hydrogen derivatives and clean energy.
She grew up in Marin County, and her involvement in climate activism led to recognition by
Nickelodeon, Teen Vogue, and even earned her the highest accolade for youth philanthropy
efforts: the Princess Diana Award.

Her inspiring level of involvement and care for her community didn’t just stop at high school. At
Berkeley, she is the Director of Philanthropy for Pi Beta Phi and collaborates on business and
sustainability projects. In addition to her community efforts, Sarah has many other passions
which reflect how diverse her interests are. At Berkeley, she’s involved in various weightlifting
clubs, is learning how to be the next DJ Mandy, and loves the outdoors. Whether it be watching a
good sunset or discovering new music, Sarah has an artistic nature which leads her to be very
passionate about her hobbies. Although she finds (like many of us do) Berkeley club culture to
be slightly intimidating, she has found some of her closest friends through the gym and her
sorority. She emphasizes the importance of being a part of different communities on campus!

In high school, Sarah was also running her own non-profit organization, working at her local
gym, and did tap dance! She is impressively well rounded and finds joy in many different
activities. Her care for social good and deep empathy is reflected through her various passion
projects and history with activism.

Sarah’s biggest piece of advice as a freshman is to remember that your college experience is your
own and not anyone else’s. She believes that everyone should get involved in the things that
excite them and not be afraid to try new things–even if that means failing at them. It’s easy to get
caught up in the fast-paced life at Berkeley; Sarah wants to remind students to not be so afraid to
slow down and really prioritize yourself. With the way that Sarah is able to gracefully balance so
many different interests and responsibilities on her plate, I would definitely take any advice she

Recently, Sarah was part of the group with Jocelyn, Sejal, Andie, and Nathalie which advanced
to the final round of the EGAL case competition!



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