By Artaya Darlana, Fellow
Updated March 18, 2024

Meet Sophia Papazian! Sophia is a vibrant sophomore studying Political Economy with a
minor in Public Policy. Her passion lies in international trade and business – a fascination that
stems from her upbringing in the San Fernando Valley within Los Angeles, where she developed
a deep love for traveling and exploring different cultures. Known among her friends as
passionate, bubbly and driven, she possesses a competitive spirit and has been writing books
since first grade–not to mention playing the piano!

Sophia’s career journey began in high school, where she explored various interests ranging from
forensics psychology and neuroscience to journalism. Active in various organizations including
Journalism club and Human Aid club, Sophia found her calling in international relations and
politics her senior year of high school. Since coming to college, she has taken various political
science and economics courses, leading her to discover the perfect blend in the Political
Economy major. Her involvement in the ASUC on campus, as well as her last internship in
Washington DC with the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA), affirmed her
interest in politics and allowed her to work closely with the Armenian community – a cause she
is deeply passionate about.

In Washington DC, Sophia faced a task of advocating for humanitarian aid legislation for the
indigenous Armenian community in Nagorno-Karabakh amidst political complexities and
bureaucratic hurdles. Despite six weeks of dedicated lobbying effort, the desired legislation was not passed until November of that year, highlighting the challenges in effecting change within
complex systems.

Sophia was drawn to Global Research & Consulting because of its emphasis on social impact
research. Upon meeting the members, she found them to be very driven and welcoming. The
opportunity to conduct research and create her own articles appealed to her, leading her to
become a Chapter Editor. She values the experience and wants other members to have the same
enriching opportunities.

During her fellowship, Sophia worked on two articles about teenage mental health and later
about the Armenian community, conducting interviews and expanding her understanding on the
subject matter. The experience of meeting and conversing with people from diverse backgrounds
was particularly rewarding. Despite initial uncertainties, seeing her work published was truly a
memorable accomplishment.

Apart from GRC, Sophia is involved in the Armenian Students Association, where she serves as
the Public Relations Chair, and as the External Chair in the Middle Eastern Business
Association. One of Sophia’s significant challenges was learning to balance her commitments
and discerning when to say no if she felt overwhelmed. She realized the importance of taking
time for yourself and being content with not being productive all the time. Balancing her
professional life with personal interests and hobbies remains a work in progress, but her passion
and drive ensure that she remains dedicated to both. As she navigates through her life, Sophia’s
journey is defined by resilience, passion, and unwavering commitment to making a meaningful
difference in the world.

Sophia’s long term professional goals are still evolving, but she strives to pursue a career where
she can help others– whether that be through lobbying, research, or in the public sector. Sophia’s
dedication to helping others and pursuing her creative endeavors underscores her commitment to
making a positive impact.



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