By Andie Yi, Fellow
Updated March 18, 2024

Welcome Zach Lem to GRC’s member spotlights! Entering GRC in sophomore spring,
Zach is now a rising senior studying Business Administration with a minor in Data Science in the
Haas School of Business. Throughout his time in GRC, Zach has fulfilled the roles of Strategy
Consultant, Senior Consultant, and current Project Manager of PATH for diversity, equity, and

Okay, now who is Zach Lem? Zach is a Chinese-American second-generation student
from Pleasanton, CA and the youngest of four brothers. For those who are familiar with MBTI,
Zach is an ENFP (Extrovert, Intuition, Feeling, and Perception). Coming to Berkeley with close
relationships from high school, Zach has also been privileged to meet so many different people
who have exposed him to diverse perspectives and experiences that brings him out of the Bay
Area ‘bubble’.

As a drummer from the age of 9, Zach has found community here in college through his
passion for music. He has performed in the UC Jazz program, participated in jam sessions
around Berkeley and Oakland, and enjoys going out to musical festivals and concerts with his
friends. As a nontypical “band kid”, Zach’s high school experience in Wind Ensemble, Jazz
Band, marching band, and pit orchestra has built him a strong foundation for finding community
and ways to destress in college. Besides the UC Jazz studio, you can also find Zach around Haas
or occasionally in RSF playing basketball. Zach’s top favorite and frequent study spots on or
near Berkeley campus are at Cafe Think, Sodoi, or the MLK Student Union.

Other things Zach engages in during his free time are video gaming (games which he will
not reveal), puzzle games (sudoku, wordle, etc), and learning to cook with his favorite meal
being Chinese BBQ. Late night drives are also another outlet to relieve stress– but do not let
Zach use your car as a Gig, he has a record of getting 2 Gig accounts banned already.

Becoming a part of clubs on campus like GRC, Ascend (VP, President, Senior Advisor),
and Scholars of Finance (Executive VP), Zach has experienced opportunities in teamwork and
leadership, developing his appeal and skills in consulting. Within GRC, his favorite project he
had the opportunity to work on is the African Library Project. Working on GRC projects,
becoming part of the executive board, and attending countless socials, Zach has built many
significant relationships within the GRC family. When asking other members about Zach, they
describe him as a very intentional, energetic, and hard-working person. “He really cares about
everyone around him and takes the time to get to know them and make sure they have a good
day.” Naturally, he is an easy person to talk to and effortlessly makes “everyone laugh through
his very unserious comments and jokes” (Maggie Chen). Another member speaks to the
inevitable infection of Zach’s energy and drive as someone who always pulls his weight and “is
down to dance till the end of the night” (Vishal Sareddy).

When asking Zach why he is drawn to consulting, he emphasizes the growth aspect of the
field. The learning curve is steep and it never ends, so there is always something more to learn.
In a more collaborative aspect, Zach also enjoys the opportunity to surround himself with
intelligent, forward-thinking people who have the heart to positively impact communities in our
society. “Working with clients means working with the smartest people in the industry” and the
service aspect of client impact is a unique kind of rewarding experience. For professional
interests beyond his undergraduate years, Zach is drawn towards consulting in strategy, mergers
& acquisitions, implementation, and financial transformation. For long-term career aspirations,
he is not completely sure yet– but who is?

While the academic aspect of college can be overwhelming, Zach strongly believes in
making the most of our time when we are young. “Just say yes to things and be spontaneous.” It
is better to say yes, experience new things, and learn from them rather than never having the
experience at all. This advice is invaluable both to our professional and social lives. Instead of
overthinking future ramifications, do not be afraid to make mistakes. If anything, learn to be
comfortable with making mistakes. It is better to take a step forward in an unexpected direction
than staying in the same place.



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