By Rhea Kundamal
Updated March 18, 2024

Meet Valentina Alvarez Demalde! She joined GRC as part of the Fall 2023 new member class.
She was born in New York, but when she was 2 years old, she moved to Buenos Aires,
Argentina, as her parents are from there. Valentina grew up and then spent her whole life in
Argentina before coming to Berkeley. She attended a Scottish high school with the same people
since she was 3 years old, so she has a very strong community back home. As a result, coming to
Berkeley was a big change for her.

Valentina is very passionate about soccer and loves watching the Argentinian National Team.
She also loves watching films and TV shows. In fact, she was even considering majoring in
Film. However, after taking a Global Studies course, she realized that her passions lie in this
field. Her major is Political Economy and Global Studies, which align very closely with her
interests in traveling, different cultures, and learning new languages.

This semester, Valentina is GRC’s Social and DEI Chair. It is her first semester taking on a board
role, so even though it is a lot of work, she enjoys it. Not only does Valentina think the role is
super fun and that it allows her to be very involved in the club, but she also loves collaborating
with Adya, her Co-Social Chair. The role has also given Valentina the opportunity to become
closer to more people, as well as care more about the environment of the club. While there are
sometimes logistical issues and she always wants to ensure that everyone feels included,
Valentina feels that everything has been going smoothly thus far.

Apart from GRC, Valentina is involved in the Latinx in Business Student Association, she is in
the Women in Wall Street club, and she taught a Decal last semester. She is also doing research,
specifically about understanding urban politics in Argentina and Brazil, which is exactly what
Valentina is interested in.

On campus, you can catch Valentina at the Free Speech Movement Cafe or the glade! In the
general Berkeley area, Valentina loves the Hotel Shattuck brunch, the Elmwood area, and her

In terms of her career path, Valentina has a range of interests – from Marketing, Public Relations,
Communications, and to Finance. In the field of Finance, Valentina is especially interested in
Sales and Trading. She hopes to work in an international company that allows her to transfer and
meet people from all over the world.



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