By Nathalie Medrano, Fellow
Updated March 18, 2024

Introducing Neha Lala, a dynamic and driven junior at UC Berkeley, whose journey embodies a
fusion of passion for environmental economics and policy with a knack for data science. Hailing
from the vibrant city of Long Beach, Neha has seamlessly integrated herself into the Berkeley
community, making significant strides both academically and professionally.
Since her freshman year, Neha has been an integral part of UC Berkeley’s Global Research and
Consulting (GRC) community, showcasing her multifaceted skills and leadership abilities.
Starting as a social member, she quickly rose through the ranks, serving in various roles
including Vice President of Finance, Project Manager, Senior Consultant, and now as a Senior
Advisor. Notably, Neha made history as one of the first Co-Project Managers, pioneering a new
era where PMs took charge of sourcing their own projects.

Neha’s passion for social impact led her to discover RSF Social Impact, an investment firm in
San Francisco, perfectly aligning with her interests. At RSF, she delved into data collection and
market sizing, leveraging her expertise in environmental economics and policy alongside her
Co-PM’s strengths. Their collaboration resulted in impactful insights that bridged the realms of
data science and social impact, demonstrating Neha’s commitment to driving positive change.

Beyond her academic and professional pursuits, Neha embodies the spirit of exploration and
growth. Her love for her home state of California shines through as she navigates Berkeley’s
diverse landscape. Whether she’s immersing herself in the bustling energy of the Bay Area or
exploring the natural wonders of the Golden State, Neha embraces every opportunity to expand
her horizons.

In her free time, Neha enjoys immersing herself in cultural experiences, indulging in the rich
tapestry of arts and cuisines that Berkeley has to offer. From sampling eclectic dishes to
engaging in thought-provoking discussions, she finds inspiration in the vibrant tapestry of
campus life.

Neha’s journey at UC Berkeley is a testament to her resilience, adaptability, and dedication to
making a difference in the world. As she continues to chart her path forward, one thing remains
clear: Neha’s unwavering commitment to leveraging her skills and expertise for the betterment of
society. With her unique blend of passion, intellect, and drive, Neha Lala is poised to leave an
indelible mark on both Berkeley and beyond.



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