By Anshika Arshia Chadha, Fellow

Updated November 14, 2022 19:00 PT

“What’s the difference between a well-dressed man on a tricycle and a poorly-dressed man on a bicycle? Attire”

Ethan was born and raised in San Jose, CA. His GRC family was once Lucy C. (big) and Melvin (sib), and his new adopted family is Kevin (big), Angel (sib), and Iris (niece). His favorite project at GRC was with Apala Group, led by the amazing Project Manager Lovisa.

One of the best places he’s traveled to before is Korea – he loves the amazing food, cheap prices, the bustling and exciting nightlife and street culture, and the friendly people. His favorite food is 순두부찌개 (Korean Tofu Soup). His favorite campus spot is the bench right next to Strawberry creek. You can find him getting delicious waffles at Little Gem Belgian Waffles down on Telegraph. He loves Cal because being around so many intelligent and talented people at Cal pushes him to always improve! Also, he feels that the environment is largely supportive. 

One can almost picture little Ethan reading Harry Potter, Ranger’s Apprentice, and Pride and Prejudice (which he hasn’t watched the movie of). Once, Ethan wanted to prove to his older brother that he could ski faster than him, but ended up going too fast around a bend and crashing into a tree.

The person that Ethan looks up to the most is his father; he is passionate about his father’s life-story: a young Korean immigrant who went to college and provided for his parents who didn’t speak English. Ethan is thoroughly inspired by how his father was able to achieve success in spite of all odds. 

“Let’s have a feast and celebrate. For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.”

Ethan is an avid volunteer and has been a part of a variety of activities such as being an Orientation Leader, Income Tax Filer Volunteer, and in Cal Habitat for Humanity.

His video-game skills are unquestionable. He loves playing Overwatch and is an ex-Cal Esports Competitor! He also loves to watch Cal Football games and play online chess.

Professionally, Ethan finds himself interested in strategy and management consulting. He wants to make big bucks, and then retire when he’s old to do nonprofit/volunteering work. When he’s really old, he wants to move to someplace ‘chill’ like the suburbs and take care of his grandkids and travel the world for (hopefully at this point) the second time.

An interesting side of Ethan is ballroom dancing. One wouldn’t think of Ethan as a ballroom dancer given his Business Administration major but by now, the reader should be comfortable with the mystery that is Ethan Soe.

“Don’t forget to have fun and relax, especially since we’re in an environment that arguably glorifies excessive work culture and always being busy — prioritize yourself! (but not in a snake way please)”



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